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In the beginning, humans survived by hunting and gathering, depending on their environment. During this period, natural resources such as meat, fish, birds, fruits, vegetables, and root plants were essential food sources. Geographical and climatic factors played a significant role in determining dietary habits. Early humans focused on surviving by utilizing the natural resources in their region.

With the discovery of agriculture, humans transitioned to settled living and began to rely on agricultural products for sustenance. This led to the widespread adoption of plant-based foods and the evolution of communities based on agricultural activities. The dietary habits of early humans underwent changes over time in parallel with technological and cultural developments.

In summary, while early humans relied on hunting and gathering for nutrition, the discovery of agriculture led to a shift towards a diet centered around agricultural products and settled living. Dietary habits evolved based on geographical and cultural factors.

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The Impact of Sedentary Lifestyle on Health; In today’s modern life, less physical activity can lead to various health problems, including obesity, cardiovascular issues, musculoskeletal problems, mental health disorders, and low energy levels. Jobs that involve sitting for long hours, technology dependence, and a sedentary lifestyle have negative effects on our health.

As a result, the following diseases are on the rise:

  • Obesity: Spending long hours sitting and having low levels of physical activity can increase the risk of obesity. This condition is associated with many chronic diseases.
  • Cardiovascular Problems: Inactivity negatively affects the cardiovascular system, increasing the risk of issues like hypertension and heart diseases.
  • Musculoskeletal Problems: Insufficient physical activity can lead to muscle weakness and harm the skeletal system, causing problems like back and neck pain.
  • Mental Health Disorders: Reduced physical activity can negatively impact coping mechanisms for stress, leading to mental health issues. The risk of depression and anxiety may increase.
  • Low Energy Levels: Decreased physical activity can lower energy levels. Being active boosts energy, while inactivity can result in low energy levels.

In summary, the comforts of modern life and technological advances unfortunately promote a sedentary lifestyle. However, understanding and coping with the negative effects of low physical activity are possible. Increasing daily physical activity and reducing sitting time are crucial for a healthy life. Small changes can lead to significant results.

Advice to Address These Issues:

1. Incorporate Movement into Your Routine: Add exercise to your daily routine. You can start with activities like walking, biking, or simple home exercises.
2. Control Technology Usage: Limit computer and phone use. Whenever possible, spend time in nature or outdoors.
3. Find Enjoyable Exercise: View exercise as a enjoyable activity, not a chore. Try various options like dancing, yoga, or sports.
4. Balanced Nutrition: Pay attention to balanced nutrition for a healthy life. Good nutrition, coupled with physical activity, supports your overall health.
5. Start with Small Steps: Begin with small steps to achieve big goals. Moving a bit more each day leads to long-term health gains.

Remember, health is a marathon, not a sprint. Give yourself time and make healthy habits a part of your life.

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“Google ‘Top 20 Nasreddin Hodja'”

Let’s regain what we’ve lost!

When you look from top to bottom, you think my issue is about nutrition, my friend. But the real issue is this; To rescue ourselves as much as possible from changing habits, social environment, and the negative aspects of industrial food production affecting our lives. Because only in this way can you survive! Here are the topics I’m talking about:
1. Nutrition

Many packaged products you buy on supermarket shelves contain sugar.

2. Muscles – Sedentary Lifestyle

Remember when I talked about hunting earlier? Well, you are a human. You are a strong being. But you forgot that. Return to your essence!

3. Mental Health

“How many glasses were shattered, I couldn’t console my drunk heart” – even Mslm Grses said that; If he had exercised, could he have improved his mental health? I don’t know, but exercise is good for mental health. That’s for sure.

Are you curious?

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